Address all your data-related compliance issues with one comprehensive system. From SEC and FINRA financial regulations to GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, ECPA, CISPA, CCPA, and more.

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Our new, easy-to-use smart collection tools let legal supervisors, attorneys, paralegals, case administrators, or any designated individual perform eDiscovery on Office 365, Box, SharePoint, and more.

Secure Your Data—On Premise or in the Cloud

The more data organizations create, the more storage locations, the bigger the risk to security. Yet the majority of organizations have no idea where all that data is located. With NetGovern, organizations can learn how to take stock of all of their disparate file systems where rarely-accessed information known as dark data is stored. By creating a data map pointing to all your data locations (Microsoft Exchange/O365, Box, Citrix, ShareFile, Egnyte, Files System, Azure, and more), NetGovern gives you visibility into what's in your data and helps you mitigate security risks. as you start to create your Information Governance plan.

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Data Compliance for Data At Rest, In Use, and in Transit

Information lifecycle management, sec compliance, and worm-based storage designed for your industry

SEC and FINRA, regulating the financial industry, require that brokers keep securities transaction records for a minimum of six years. HIPAA, regulating the healthcare industry, requires that a patient’s electronic health information be protected and preserved for a minimum of six years as well. NetGovern comprehensively addresses compliance needs of regulated industries and includes compliance modules like Information Lifecycle Management, SEC compliance, and WORM-based storage, designed for specific vertical markets. 

Real-time eDiscovery Anywhere

1/3 of all unstructured data is considered sensitive yet access controls and content policies remain weak. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could have access to all that data using a single tool? With NetGovern Smart Collection tools, you can let reviewers perform all the initial processing and collection stages. Case managers can then provide “for your eyes only” access to a specific set of documents to anyone in charge of eDiscovery and investigation.

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Guaranteed Availability, Integrity & Confidentiality

Guarantee the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your data while ensuring strict compliance requirements

With NetGovern, you can control your organization's email policies by letting you amend existing archiving and retention policies or create new ones as your business needs change, all the while ensuring 100% retention by generating a fully-indexed, vendor-neutral, application-, and  file-format independent archive of all electronic data for immediate search and retrieval. With NetGovern, you can guarantee the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your data while ensuring that your information meets the most strict compliance requirements and remains tamper-proof.

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I would say that in my 20 years of doing information technology management, and implementing technology, I don’t think I’ve ever had a vendor that performs as well as NetGovern does. 


Nathan McDaniel
Director, Information Technology, Mohave County, Arizona

Partnering with NetGovern was a very positive experience for Modular Technology. We were able to keep the project under control and on schedule at all times. I’m definitely recommending NetGovern to my clients.

Mark Hodges
Infrastructure Consultant, Modular Technology

NetGovern was responsible, professional, and knowledgeable. The team followed up a great sales proposal with solid engineering prowess. I’d recommend NetGovern to my colleagues.

Thomas Mather
IT Technologist, Texas A&M University at Qatar

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GDPR Action Plan

If your organization has an office in the EU, or collects data in the EU about its citizens, then you have to comply with GDPR. 

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