Information Governance

What kind of information do you save?  Where is it located?  Who can access it?  How long do you keep it?  Who’s looking at it?

What’s in your data?

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. NetGovern’s smart search and discovery tools will help you put the right information in the right hands at the right time. So go ahead and ask, “What’s in your data?”

Our Mission

Information Governance.

The Evolution of Netmail

For the last few years, you’ve known us as Netmail—a name which reflected our collective passion for email governance. Over the last 18 months, we’ve expanded our solution set well beyond email and we realised that the Netmail name was no longer representative of our technology stack. So as we expand to address Information Governance, we’ve changed our name to NetGovern.

With this name change though, nothing really changes. We’re still committed to help customers and partners with our outstanding support and deliver enterprise products that reduce risk, increase security, and improve the usage of your data whether it sits on premise or in the cloud.

NetGovern is growth

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NetGovern lets you easily create email archiving and security policies, perform eDiscovery, enable encryption, remove email attachments from messages, and more all within one single platform. Watch NetGovern in action.

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Handling large volumes of corporate data can be stressful and time-consuming. Do you want to reduce eDiscovery costs? Download our 2018 eDiscovery Guide to learn how you can take control of the eDiscovery process, reduce costs, and shorten collection timelines today!

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We've turned eDiscovery on its head. Our new, easy-to-use smart collection tools lets legal supervisors, attorneys, paralegals, case administrators, or any designated individual in your organization perform eDiscovery on Microsoft Office 365, Box, SharePoint, and more.

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Securing Your Data

On Premise or in the Cloud.

NetGovern makes data security easy

Data Security

The more data organizations create, the more storage locations, the bigger the risk to security. Yet the majority of organizations have no idea where all that data is located. With NetGovern, organizations will learn how to take stock of all of their disparate file systems where rarely-accessed information know as dark data is stored. By creating a data map pointing to all locations, NetGovern will help you mitigate security risks by connecting to all your unstructured data locations (MSFT Exchange/O365, Box, Citrix, ShareFile, Files System, Azure, and more) as a starting point for your IG strategic plan.

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Protect Your Data At Rest

In Use, and in Transit .

Data Compliance

Laws about data compliance aren’t universal. SEC Rule 17a-3, 17a-4, FINRA Rule 3110, GDPR, the list is endless. Laws also differ from country to country, and state by state, which lead some organizations to employ a “keep forever” strategy. The problem with this packrat point of view is that 40-70% of preserved information is Redundant, Outdated, or Trivial (ROT) and could easily be deleted with no negative consequences. With NetGovern, you can apply policy-based retention and deletion policies to ensure compliance with all the rules and regulations in your part of the universe.

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NetGovern and data compliance

eDiscovery Anywhere

On Premise or in the Cloud.

NetGovern eDiscovery tools and expertise


1/3 of all unstructured data is considered sensitive yet access controls and content policies remain weak. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could assign roles to individuals within the organization with different access levels to data? With NetGovern Smart Collection tools, you can let reviewers perform all the initial processing and collection stages. Case managers can then provide “for your eyes only” access to a specific set of documents to anyone in charge of eDiscovery and investigation.

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"NetGovern has advanced Mohave County’s ability to help manage compliance risks by providing easy- to-use eDiscovery tools to help us find the data that matters, when it matters, no matter where it’s located."

Nathan McDaniel, the IT Director for Mohave County, Arizona

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