Address all your data-related compliance issues with one comprehensive system. From SEC and FINRA financial regulations to GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, ECPA, CISPA, CCPA, and more.

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Protect Sensitive Data On-Premise & in the Cloud

The more data organizations create, the more storage locations, the bigger the risk to security. Yet, most organizations have no idea where sensitive, confidential, or critical data is located or who has access to it. With NetGovern Analyze and NetGovern Audit & Remediate, take stock of all your disparate file systems and your permissions to classify data, secure what matters, and remediate accesses. Gain visibility into all your data locations on-premise or in the cloud (Microsoft Exchange/O365, Box, Citrix, ShareFile, Egnyte, Files System, Azure, and more) to mitigate security risks.

Address All Data-Related Compliance Issues

SEC and FINRA require that brokers keep securities transaction records for a minimum of six years. HIPAA requires that a patient’s electronic health information be protected and preserved for a minimum of six years. GDPR and CCPA requires that personal data be deleted if requested. NetGovern Enforce, NetGovern Audit & Remediate, and NetGovern Archive comprehensively address the compliance needs of regulated industries.

Simplify eDiscovery & Process Data In-House

The ESI you need for M&A due diligence, litigation, external audits, or FOIA requests could be anywhere. But finding it on O365, Exchange, Egnyte, Citrix Sharefile, Box, or file shares doesn't have to be complex. With NetGovern eDiscovery, access all that data through a single view, using a single tool. Let your legal and compliance teams do their work by assigning appropriate data locations for them to securely search, review, tag, and export only what they need.

Futureproof & Tamperproof Data in an Open Format

Easily amend existing archiving, retention, or deletion policies. Create new ones as your business needs change, all the while ensuring 100% retention. NetGovern Archive generates fully-indexed, vendor-neutral, application &  file-format independent archives of mailbox content and files for immediate search and retrieval. Guarantee the long-term availability, integrity, security, and traceability of the data you need while automating the deletion of what's obsolete.

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I would say that in my 20 years of doing information technology management, and implementing technology, I don’t think I’ve ever had a vendor that performs as well as NetGovern does. 


Nathan McDaniel
Director, Information Technology, Mohave County, Arizona

Partnering with NetGovern was a very positive experience for Modular Technology. We were able to keep the project under control and on schedule at all times. I’m definitely recommending NetGovern to my clients.

Mark Hodges
Infrastructure Consultant, Modular Technology

NetGovern was responsible, professional, and knowledgeable. The team followed up a great sales proposal with solid engineering prowess. I’d recommend NetGovern to my colleagues.

Thomas Mather
IT Technologist, Texas A&M University at Qatar

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