The Basics of Spoliation Prevention

6 Steps to Protect Evidence and Address Issues After a Cybersecurity Breach

Protect Evidence

Litigation won't disappear after a cybersecurity breach. But your data can. So, with the help of lawyer & eDiscovery expert, we've written down 6 steps for lawyers and their cybersecurity teams to follow in order to protect evidence after an incident and avoid data spoliation sanctions in court. This document provides information about:

  • The priority actions to take after an incident
  • The spoliation signs you should watch for
  • What you should document during the process

Protection from Data Breaches

Phishing attacks leverage social tricks, and are not easily intercepted by technology. The humanity of this type of cyber threats imply that they have to be fought at the user level, which is not easy to do. You can train end users to recognize the signs of phishing, use some tricks yourself, but if all else fails, having a safety net is mission-critical.

Email Retraction