March 25, 2019

4 Ways Spoliation Can Derail Your Litigation Strategy



Spoliation: (noun)…

March 18, 2019

 Building Out Your Information Governance Infrastructure - The Business Case. 

Information Governance

March 15, 2019

Email Retraction is mission-critical

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Email is by far the…

March 6, 2019


NetGovern selects Clearswift Secure

NetGovern recently made a strategic decision to focus its efforts on delivering Information Governance solutions…

February 25, 2019

Download Osterman White Paper


Just like there are lots of ways to keep your paper documents, there are many approaches to the archiving of…

January 31, 2019


GDPR compliance breaches


When it comes to GDPR, awareness and compliance are closely linked. But there are a lot of myths and…

January 30, 2019



The major challenge for organizations running eDiscovery is the cost of review The biggest contributor to this…

January 8, 2019


GDPR and trust


Well, GDPR hasn’t been the datapocalypse some made it out to be, has it?

About this time last year, everyone…

January 7, 2019


GDPR eight questions


After a study showed that only 15% of people felt they had control over the information they provided to companies, the…

December 12, 2018


In a previous blog post, I discussed Moore’s law and the misperceptions that are often extrapolated from it. One of these perceptions was that the reduction of storage costs…