COVID-19: It's Business (Almost) as Usual

March 18, 2020

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Dear Friends and Customers,


A lot of changes have happened in your personal lives over the last few days. Just like us you are probably working from home. You’ve had to reschedule trips and move meetings to online locations. Your kids are probably roaming at home as your local schools have closed. And you have received a long list of emails from everyone about how they have adjusted their business. We sincerely hope you are and will stay healthy.


On our side, we hope, you haven't noticed anything. We have put in place our business continuity plan, and all of us are working from home. Our kids are at home and we are keeping them busy with projects and online classes. We have told our elder family members to stay home. We have also leveraged our neighborhood community to minimize getting out of the home - only one goes to the store when required. Cause we really care.


This said, we are still here to support you in your business projects. We think it is important that for our communities, that your organization continues to be able to operate, access, manage and secure its information in the most effective way. Let’s do our part to keep the economy running as much as we can.


So don’t hesitate to reach out to us, don’t be shy about the kids at home or your unusual environment. We understand.


All the best,


Your NetGovern team