What’s a facet of Information Governance anyway?

October 22, 2018


Information Governance Facet


We have been mentioning the term facet associated with Information Governance a lot lately. What’s a facet of Information Governance anyway?


Information Governance facet - The IG Initiative wheel

When talking about the facets of IG, we are referencing research done by the Information Governance Initiative. In the IGI's annual report about the state of information governance, a pinwheel illustrating the opinion of experts on the organizational activities coordinated by Information Governance is published. The percentages reflect the rate of acceptance by professionals of these activities as pertaining to the concept of IG. The pinwheel lists both activities that minimize risks and create value.


What's a facet of Information Governance?


The coordinating function of Information Governance

Information flows through organizations in complex ways. This is why initiatives to govern information can’t succeed without involving everyone with a stake and an influence in the outcome. The cross-functional teams needed to establish good IG practices are taking down the walls of the silos we’re so used to work in, allowing for a better collaboration between business units.

Why focus on only ten of those facets? Because we know them well as they are the ones our solution addresses (9 of those being in the top ten). Of course, addressing the complete scope of IG is the dream and we’re constantly improving.

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