NetGovern Newsletter - October 2018

October 31, 2018

NetGovern: What's in Your Data?

With connectivity to both cloud and on-premise collaboration platforms and file systems, enhanced by smart audit, search, eDiscovery, and case management capabilities, NetGovern Information Governance software guarantees security and compliance for what is arguably your most valuable asset – information.

Introducing NetGovern Analyze and Enforce

Data Access Governance Solved! We are delighted to introduce two new solutions to our portfolio that will help you master “Who has access to what?” and get full visibility and policy enforcement capabilities.

  • Analyze: NetGovern Analyze is an enterprise-class file system analysis solution; it inventories all of you file systems and provides the organization with a single, aggregated view of all the metadata. The visibility that Analyze provides can help shape a clear IG strategy. For example, it’s very easy to now see where all your duplicate files are across the network; in the case of legal contracts, having duplicates can pose a compliance risk.
  • Enforce: Do you think you have Home folders on your network that belong to users who are no longer with the organization? NetGovern Enforce allows customers to automate the handling of these folders – when a user gets deleted from the network, their Home folder is automatically moved to another location where rights can be given to an IG manager to go through the data, and a lifecycle policy can even be applied to the folder, such as “Move the folder here, assign rights to this person, and then delete the folder in 1 year.” No more worrying about what could be lurking in these folders!

Introducing NetGovern (Netmail 6.3)

With Netmail 6.3, we introduce the new NetGovern branding to the product. We have chosen an entire new color scheme for our UI; the color is called Ultra Violet which is Pantone’s color of the year and designed to shine a light on your data. Soon to be available for public release, but you'll need to be on the latest version to upgrade! Are you on 6.2? If not, it's time to visit the Updates tab.

Here are a few other highlights:

  • Auto Save: In response to numerous customer requests, you can enable Auto Save to automatically save search criteria, tags, and preferences.
  • Role-Based Access: After logging in to NetGovern Search, various tools and workflows are now available to users depending on their role in your organization. So now when a user on your legal team logs in, they will have access to all the eDiscovery tools; when a user on your compliance or security team logs in, they will have all the compliance, audit, and retraction tools at their fingertips.
  • Document Preview: You can now view documents directly in your browser.
    • Support for over 600 files formats: This includes all versions of Microsoft Office, Corel, AutoCAD, Adobe, and more.
    • Continuous scrolling: Enjoy infinite scrolling just like you do with your mailbox in Microsoft Outlook. This replaces pagination in NetGovern Search.
    • Next and Previous buttons: Buttons were added to the message preview in NetGovern Search to allow for scrolling through previews.
  • Date and Time Format: You can change the date and time format to correspond to the format your organization uses most frequently.

To learn more about the features of NetGovern, visit our all-new NetGovern Documentation Center.

Visit the NetGovern Website

With the introduction of NetGovern, we launched a new website at the end of the summer. Please visit the new NetGovern website where you’ll find information about our information governance solutions.

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