Reduce Cost and Accelerate eDiscovery with NetGovern Smart Collection

January 30, 2019


Press Release


The major challenge for organizations running eDiscovery is the cost of review. The biggest contributor to this cost is the time it takes to review for relevant data. Collecting all the data from diverse data sources, both on-premise & in the cloud, and then review unexplored volumes of corporate data to find relevant information can be difficult, cumbersome, and expensive. In fact, typical eDiscovery workflows mandates the unnecessary collection of redundant, obsolete, and trivial content (ROT), as well as irrelevant data, which increases costs significantly.

NetGovern helps law teams address the unique requirements of any corporate case. Whether you are handling a Merger & Acquisition, providing litigation support, responding to a FOIA request, or exploring any other kind of complex investigation, you will want to make sure that the process is fast, secure, and risk-free.

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As a law firm, you can build stronger relationships with clients with a smart collection system directly connected to their cloud or on premise environments. With NetGovern Smart Collection, your clients benefit from faster investigations, accelerated case assessments, and dramatically reduced  - eDiscovery fees. Quickly identify exactly where relevant documents are located and what they contain. This enables you and your client to close the deal faster, with less risk and more revenue.

NetGovern Smart Collection allows inside counsel to connect to all of your structured and unstructured data locations—including Windows File Share, O365, Exchange Online & On-Premises, SharePoint Online & On Premise, OneDrive, Box, Citrix ShareFile, and Egnyte and more than 50 other connectors—to identify relevant documents before any data is ever collected. Benefit from immediate access to search all your records in one place for fast eDiscovery investigations. Collected data can then be exported directly to tools like Relativity, Summation, and Concordance.

With NetGovern, you can perform in-place eDiscovery and find relevant content in any cloud or on-premise locations to perform interactive searches, search within searches, create multiple cases, reduce data sets, review, and collaborate. If you are satisfied with the search results, the content can be put on legal hold or exported.


The benefits of NetGovern Smart Collection include: 

  • Single search across all live repositories to accelerate the process

  • Collect SMS/MMS messages

  • Audit capabilities and compliance tools

  • Complete case management to keep things organized

  • Advanced search capabilities to find what you need quickly

  • Reviewer role with matter tagging and commenting

  • Simple export to litigation support platforms


Join NetGovern during Legal Week 
At Legalweek 2019, we'll be discussing how to reduce cost and accelerate eDiscovery with our Smart Collection technology. We'll show you how easy it is to provide advanced in-place eDiscovery capabilities to inside counsel supported by custodians so everyone can perform more with fewer resources required. Stop by booth 507 to learn more about how to mitigate risk, maximize control, and significantly reduce eDiscovery costs with NetGovern. NetGovern Smart Collection is now available for purchase from NetGovern and its global partners.