NetGovern Solves Data Access Governance for File Systems with the Launch of Two New Products

November 1, 2018


Data Access Governance solved


In a world where employees are constantly switching from one department to another, or changing jobs altogether, managing file rights and file directories can be a daunting task for organizations. Today NetGovern, the Information Governance experts, announced the release of NetGovern Analyze which provides organizations with full visibility into files and their corresponding access rights, and NetGovern Enforce which helps organizations automate policy actions aligned with roles.


When it comes to better managing unstructured data, most organizations lack the tools and policies required to ensure they can stay on top of ever-changing compliance, security, and privacy regulations. With data routinely-shared across dozens of systems and multiple storage locations across the globe, it’s become a challenge to effectively secure information.


NetGovern Analyze helps organizations manage large quantities of data with tools to inventory, report on, and assess the content on their file servers across the enterprise. NetGovern Analyze inventories everything and aggregates all the information for analysis. With NetGovern Analyze, sensitive documents can be quickly discovered and evaluated for compliance.


With NetGovern Enforce, organizations can automatically enforce policies as users change roles and offload the role IT plays in manually managing permissions, storage, information lifecycle management, and protecting and recovering files. NetGovern Enforce decreases the risk of non-compliance and increases productivity while at the same time reducing data management and storage costs.


(Want to learn about a possible use of NetGovern Analyze & Enforce? Download our playbook to insider threat mitigation)


Together, both of these new products are designed to help organizations with their Information Governance initiatives by: 

  • Maximizing the value of data

  • Examining terabytes of data

  • Addressing compliance

  • Evaluating storage consumption

  • Improving data security

  • Automating file management and user provisioning

  • Taming data growth

  • Protecting high-value files


“The vast majority of organizations don’t have a good handle on where all of their files and other unstructured data are located, which of these files contain sensitive data that should be protected, how to optimize their storage to minimize costs, or how to enforce the variety of policies that should be applied to this data,” said Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst with Osterman Research. “To adequately address these problems, every organization should have a means of conducting a file inventory and automating the policy enforcement process, both to reduce their risk of non-compliance and to reduce their storage costs.”

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