What happened at the InfoCon 19 – Laying the Foundation of the IG Maturity Index

November 11, 2019


IG Maturity Index


Last month, a few members of our team flew from Montreal to Nashville to attend ARMA’s InfoCon. We wanted to attend the sessions and learn a few things, but we were also trying to accomplish something very special – develop a definitive benchmark for IG programs. You might have heard about the initiative in this article. If not, here’s what it’s about.


Assessing the Maturity of IG Programs

To gather information on IG programs, we asked ARMA International and Osterman Research to help us build a survey. As the ARMA InfoCon is one of the biggest yearly gatherings of information professionals, it was, of course, the place to launch it. Although concise, our survey’s alignment with theInformation Governance Implementation Model (IGIM) meant it was built to ask just the right questions, and receive insightful answers.. Reflecting on their programs to provide answers was helpful to quite a few respondents, or so we’ve heard.

To get the sample started nicely, the objective of the NetGovern team on-site was to achieve 150 surveys completed. What actually happened, however, blew our minds: 650 very relevant information professionals took some time to participate in the research.


Building the IG Maturity Index

We wanted to create this survey to ultimately provide information professionals with a tool they need – the Information Maturity Index. With the data collected, we’ll analyze the state of IG in various industries. With this analysis, we’ll gather insights and write a report for organizations to measure the progress (or lack thereof) of their IG programs. It’s important as it will move IG conversations from opinion to evidence. We’re also hoping it’ll help IG champions to remove roadblocks so they can gather the resources they need to get their projects done. And when we say information professionals, here’s what we mean:

  • Information Executives

  • Compliance Maestros

  • Privacy Troopers

  • Information & Records Managers

  • Data Security Ninjas

  • Anyone championing IG


An IG program isn’t for a single person or team to handle: it’s a corporate governance affair that touches many stakeholders, from workers to the board of directors. It can help everyone working with information accomplish their goals, and in our era, this means pretty much every member of an organization with an email account. But as of today, our assumption is that Information Professionals mostly bear the weight of these programs alone, which prevents even their best efforts from getting the reach they could with enterprise-wide support.


Speaking the Same Language to Effectively Implement IG

We are hoping that the results of this initiative will help organizations understand where they should be in their IG programs; providing a reference point, will allow information to start being managed as the asset it is, in more and more industries. Information Governance doesn’t have to be so complex, and we aim at democratizing it by making the practice more visible, by ensuring that every department needed to accomplish this cross-functional effort speaks the same language: business goals. The tower of Babel might have been finished if workers had understood each other, and organizations can reach a transformational level of IG maturity by finally working together towards a common goal.


Closing Note

As you can guess, we ended up being much too busy to visit Nashville, which we were really looking forward to! Nevertheless, we flew back with happy faces and a feeling of accomplishment. We can’t wait to see that data and the impact we know the Index can make in the field. A big thank you to everyone who contributed!



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