May 28, 2019


Top 10 Things to Know about Archiving


In a world where important and confidential corporate information is being…

April 23, 2019


Mohave County Case Study


NetGovern Delivers Email Archiving, Retention, and eDiscovery

March 25, 2019


Legal Hold


If your organization recently received a complaint or is facing a dispute that could…

March 25, 2019





(noun) spōlēˈāSHən - Spoliation of evidence is the intentional, reckless,…

March 15, 2019


Get your Email Retraction Datasheet


Email is by far the preferred collaboration tool in offices around the world. We all use it,…

March 11, 2019


Information Governance Webinar


Jacques Sauvé, a NetGovern IGP, joins forces with Ben Canter from Caringo, in this Information Governance…

March 6, 2019


NetGovern selects Clearswift Secure

NetGovern recently made a strategic decision to focus its efforts on delivering Information Governance…

Updated on February 26, 2019


Data Security vs Computer and Network Security


A few years back, during the opening Keynote of the RSA Conference, Art Coviello, the…

February 25, 2019


legally defensible archive


Just like there are lots of ways to keep your paper documents, there are many approaches to the…

February 1, 2019


Oil and Gas Case Study


On the recommendation of a trusted partner, NetGovern provided a leading Calgary-based oil & gas company…

January 31, 2019


GDPR Action Plan


When it comes to GDPR, awareness and compliance are closely linked. But there are a lot of myths and…

January 30, 2019


Press Release


The major challenge for organizations running eDiscovery is the cost of review. The biggest contributor to this cost…

January 16, 2019


Fall19 Newsletter


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