June 3, 2019


Why collect what you don't need?


The eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM) has been a great guide to create a common…

June 1, 2019


access governance


Data Access Governance is the red-headed-step-child of the information security realm, the one that no one wants to…

May 30, 2019


data breach


Back in 2014, a team of four hackers shook up the biggest bank in the U.S., and sixth biggest in the world. JP…

May 30, 2019


data access


Like many of us, you may have heard of Data Access Governance (DAG for short), but maybe you aren’t 100% clear on…

May 29, 2019


Electronic Records Retention


Organizations need to look at defining a formalized retention policy for electronic…

May 28, 2019


Top 10 Things to Know about Archiving


In a world where important and confidential corporate information is being…

April 23, 2019


Mohave County Case Study


NetGovern Delivers Email Archiving, Retention, and eDiscovery

March 31, 2019


ESI Evidence in the Cloud


You’ve issued legal holds to your custodians, searched through their accounts, and…

March 25, 2019


Legal Hold


If your organization recently received a complaint or is facing a dispute that…

March 25, 2019





(noun) spōlēˈāSHən - Spoliation of evidence is the intentional, reckless…

March 15, 2019


Enterprise Email Retraction


Email is by far the preferred collaboration tool in offices around the world. We all use it, both in…