IG ROI Estimation

Use this excel workbook to estimate the ROI your organization would get from improving their Information Governance program. 


Business case ROI estimation

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Use this tool to estimate the price of 1 year of NetGovern. Our prices are calculated per employees - the amount of data that your organization owns isn't part of the equation. Premium support is always included.



✓ No Vendor Lock-In

We archive in XML and index data so it's searchable wherever it's located. We have no egress fees, or penalties. Your data is yours.

✓ Lowest total cost of ownership

Our solutions are the set-and-forget type. You won't need much human, hardware, or budgetary resources to maintain them.

✓ 1-Day Easy Deployment

Our software can be deployed in 1 day. Cybersecurity, legal, IT, and compliance teams are enabled to deliver results within 30 days. 

Views reference

I’ve realized that the evolution of our business process has been strategically tied to the new features and functionalities the NetGovern product offers. We’ve evolved as the product has evolved. It’s a fantastic relationship.

Nathan McDaniel
Director, Information Technology, Mohave County

If the city is facing a lawsuit, I’ll review the data and send it to the League, who hands it over to an eDiscovery firm for quick processing in Relativity. The data is then sent to inside or outside counsel for review. The process is seamless.

Cynthia Kirchoff
Former City Attorney, City of St. Cloud

Besides bringing many of the functionalities we needed under one umbrella, NetGovern is very easy to deal with & use, responsive, and bilingual. The price we pay versus the value we get is quite a good ROI and we’ve been very satisfied.

David Fox
Director of IT Services, Demers Beaulne