Demers Beaulne - A NetGovern Case Study

September 1, 2019


End-user adoption at Demers Beaulne


Reducing complexity with NetGovern Archive and eDiscovery

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Client Overview

Demers Beaulne is a Canadian accounting firm based out of Montreal. Trained as chartered professional accountants, entrepreneurs Jacques Demers and Paul Beaulne founded Demers Beaulne in 1979, specializing in small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec. In light of their mission to support companies and contribute to their growth, they expanded their services over time, gradually adding tax services, grant research services and insurance, and then outsourcing, forensic accounting, financing, and bankruptcies. Demers Beaulne, celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year, has a reputation for the trustworthiness of its professionals, the quality and variety of its services, and its lasting relationships.

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Business Challenges

Before deploying NetGovern, Demers Beaulne was using another provider to meet the long-term retention requirements of email for most of the firm’s partners and address their related growing storage problem. With another mail archiving solution, they used to create a second copy of their mail, some dating back to 1992, so users could delete messages from their mailboxes once their storage quotas were reached. But storage kept growing at an alarming rate and they couldn’t easily expand their on-prem Exchange server any further. This was in 2005. Two years ago, the company migrated to Office 365 and started using an entry-level O365 plan after learning that Microsoft now has data centers in Canada. Once that was done, they looked at NetGovern Archive to keep their rapidly-growing data stores lean, improve on the searching abilities provided by their original archiving solution, and ensure the defensibility & security of their preserved data. According to David Fox, the firm’s director of IT Services, the decision was based primarily on NetGovern’s more granular, user-friendly, and capable information search capabilities, but also on its ability to manage the information lifecycle of user’s mailboxes, saving space in their live system while still having a copy of everything.


Critical Requirements

  1. Centralize capabilities from multiple software solutions into one.

  2. Work with a local vendor.

  3. Find an affordable, easy to deploy solution that wasn‘t complicated to use.  

Easing End-User Adoption 

After using NetGovern for some time, the firm noticed that the simple end-user web interface minimized change management and streamlined their productivity. “Our accountants and partners can easily search for what they need to, ensuring that clients are served as they need to be,’’ says David. He adds, “Your search interface is very easy to use. Everything is laid out nicely. Performing advanced searches is also very simple. You fill in the fields you want to choose, select dates from a drop-down. It’s very user-friendly.”

Another benefit is that as Demers Beaulne’s employees go about their day, they sometimes mark up their customers’ documents and fill them with annotations. When the original copy of a document is required, it’s easy to find by performing a simple search against their archive or the other locations they have access to.

With NetGovern, it’s also easier for employees to get up to speed when taking on a new role and inheriting active customers. They can be provided with access to the archived messages of the person they are replacing to research what was discussed or previously agreed upon with customers. This way, the onboarding process is streamlined, no ball is ever dropped, and Demers Beaulne can keep fortifying its reputation of delivering quality services.


Doing More With Less

With only one IT worker for every 100 end users, the team responsible for supporting all of Demers Beaulne’s activities is fairly small, which makes doing more with less especially important. By centralizing the functionalities they needed into one product instead of two, the firm’s IT team reduced the amount of time needed to manage both solutions. Also, as every Demers Beaulne’s employee runs their own kind of mini practice, they all have different requirements. With NetGovern’s flexible and granular policies, IT implemented a solution that is simple enough for anyone at the firm to use by themselves while also being able to scale to even the most demanding of the IT team to get proxy access to mailboxes to secure the firm’s precious content while easing the knowledge transfer to other staff.

Finally, the latest rollout of NetGovern Archive allowed for a reduction of almost 75% of the time necessary for their daily archiving jobs to run.


Great Technical Support

Even if David has had very few issues to deal with, he still had the opportunity to enjoy NetGovern’s technical support. On that subject, he laughs and says he appreciates the fact that the Support team always answers the phone. Unlike with other providers, he’s never had to leave a message and wait for a follow-up. He also credits the team for volunteering tips on how to do things to make work simpler. He appreciates that the team always follows up on any outstanding issues, even remembering why he called in the past without the need to mention a support ticket number. David says, “I find your Support team very easy to deal with.”


The Bottom Line

" Your Support Team is very, very good. NetGovern Archive is a fairly easy product to run once it's set up and installed. So if peers in the industry or other companies ask my opinion, I would say my experience with NetGovern has been a very positive one. "

David Fox
Director of IT Services
Demers Beaulne