NetGovern solves DATA compliance

Manage all Data-Related Compliance Issues

  • Ensure your sensitive files are secured proportionally to their value with granular security measures. 
  • Address all compliance concerns simultaneously - including adherence to SEC and FINRA regulations, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, ECPA, CISPA, CCPA, and more. 

Where’s Your Data? What's in it?

With regulations like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and FINRA & SEC rules, knowing where’s your data and what’s in it is imperative. But the many locations (cloud, on-premise, legacy file servers), and the sheer volume of information in organizations make the task almost impossible. Protect your business's reputation and bottom-line by automatically detecting and safeguarding sensitive information like PII, PCI, and PHI.

Gain Visibility & Control

To efficiently manage records, NetGovern Audit & Remediate provides a single pane view of all data repositories and analyzes content in-place for any sensitive information containing PII, PCI, and PHI. Regularly auditing is made easy by workflows and maintaining clean repositories possible with customizable alerts.

Search & Classification

NetGovern Audit & Remediate provides incremental always-on search results by indexing your live data. Advanced search tools display results within seconds and efficiently search high data volumes. Using PII, PCI, and PHI models, NetGovern’s AI automates data classification. All sensitive and potentially damaging data is identified and quarantined or retracted once it is reviewed, then cleared or flagged for deletion.

Single Pane of Glass

With NetGovern’s Live Email and File connectors, data can be searched in-place via a single pane view, no matter where it’s stored. The connectors continuously crawl your locations to provide live access to all data in real-time. Additional connectors are also being developed to help facilitate your organization’s compliance efforts.

Alerts & Automated Actions

Even with well-planned policies and efficient tools, sensitive data can find its way into unsafe locations. With NetGovern Audit & Remediate, alerts can be customized so you can be notified of any misdemeanor and quickly remediate it. Email administrators can take action directly from the alerts, or a quarantine space, for timely validation and action.


Address Compliance

To comply with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and FINRA & SEC rules, it is crucial to know what kind of sensitive information is stored, where it is, how it’s used, and who has access to it. With its file classification capabilities, NetGovern Analyze identifies sensitive data and high-value files so they can be secured accordingly. Permission Reports identify who has access to those sensitive files and locations, ensuring the privacy of the data.

Review of correspondence

FINRA Rule 3110.09 and 3110(b)(4) require that financial firms maintain systems to retain and review their members’ communications. NetGovern Audit & Remediate allow you to randomly sample communications sent and received by users at customizable time frames to detect suspect behavior. Workflows, audit progress, and compliance reports are available for complete disclosure of an organization’s supervisory procedures.