NetGovern solves eDiscovery



Simplify & Reduce the Cost of eDiscovery

  • Mitigate risks of fines related to non-compliance.
  • Enable in-house processing of all data.
  • Maintain a seamless chain of custody throughout the entire eDiscovery process.
  • Empower your entire legal team to safely perform eDiscovery.

The Skyrocketing Cost of eDiscovery

The cost of eDiscovery is skyrocketing. And with so much data to review, more and more places to search for data like file systems, email archives, Sharepoint, Sharepoint Online, Microsoft Exchange, O365, AWS, and file sharing solutions such as Box and Citrix ShareFile, it has become next to impossible to find the relevant data you need to respond rapidly to information requests whether for internal investigations, litigation, or FOIA.

In-Place eDiscovery

Our smart collection technology allows you to connect to all of your unstructured data locations, identify relevant data, and maintain an up-to-date index of your information before any data is ever collected. With NetGovern eDiscovery, you will benefit from immediate access to your data for early case assessment and faster investigations by connecting, not collecting.

Connect to live data

Connect to all of your data locations in the cloud, like Office 365, Egnyte, Box, Sharepoint, ShareFile, and OneDrive, or on-premise in seconds for in-place searches. Our growing list of file connectors perform Live File Indexing and Live Email Indexing once and then continuously crawl it to ensure all live data is always searchable. Legal, compliance, and HR teams can find information within seconds wherever it resides.

Reduce Legal Holds

By reviewing before collecting, reduce costs associated with preservation and collection processes. Apply intelligent legal hold policies against archived and live email or files to automatically collect and update indexes. NetGovern eDiscovery can track data throughout the entire litigation lifecycle providing complete audit trail and visibility into the review process while ensuring 100% retention of critical evidence.

Early Case Assessment

By gaining visibility into your data in seconds and reducing the data sets to present to attorneys for review, early case assessment is accelerated. With NetGovern eDiscovery, the costs of settling a case versus the cost of discovery can be evaluated much sooner than with traditional solutions.

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