NetGovern and Egnyte

A single eDiscovery live review and collection tool

With so much data to review, and more and more places to search for data like file systems, email archives, cloud and on premise locations, and file sharing solutions such Egnyte, it has become next to impossible to find the relevant data you need to respond rapidly to eDiscovery requests. With NetGovern, organizations using Egnyte can search in both O365 and Egnyte at same time, dramatically lower expensive eDiscovery fees by quickly finding the data they need with easy-to-use tools. 

Reduce Data for Collection

Data collection and Egnyte
  • Connect to Egnyte, identify relevant data, and maintain up-to-date indexes before collecting any data
  • Gain immediate access to data for early case assessment and faster investigations
  • Reduce data for collection and lower expensive eDiscovery fees with easy-to-use collection tools 


Perform In-Place eDiscovery

  • Perform legal discovery searches for relevant content on Egnyte to ensure regulatory or governmental compliance, or in response to litigation
  • Supports interactive searches, search within searches, multiple case creation, review, and collaboration
  • Reduce data sets to present to attorneys
  • Export relevant data or put on legal hold 
eDiscovery and Egnyte

Reduce Data Under Legal Hold

Case management
  • Reduce costs associated with preservation and collection
  • Eliminate risk of spoliation with Legal Hold
  • Apply intelligent Legal Hold policies and automatically collect and update indexes
  • Track data throughout its entire litigation lifecycle
  • Benefit from a complete audit trail and visibility into the review process