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Connect to all of your Unstructured Data Locations

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Connect to all of your unstructured data locations, including Abacus Law, Relativity, O365, Exchange Online and On Premise, and many more, and search in place to collect only the data you need. NetGovern provides advanced eDiscovery capabilities for lawyers, opposing counsel, and clients, to find data no matter where it is located.

Review and Search Before You Collect

NetGovern Smart Collection allows you to connect to all of your unstructured data locations, identify your data, and maintain an up-to-date index of your information before any data is ever collected. Benefit from immediate access to your data for fast eDiscovery investigations. Collected data can then be exported directly to tools like Hotdocs, Relativity, Summation, and Concordance.

Hotdocs review and search data
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Perform In-Place eDiscovery

NetGovern lets you perform in-place searches for relevant content in any cloud or on-premise locations to ensure regulatory or governmental compliance, or in response to litigation. Perform interactive searches, search within searches, create multiple cases, reduce data sets, review, and collaborate. Preview the search results by reviewing relevant data. If you are satisfied with the search results, the content can be put on legal hold or exported.

Reduce Data Under Legal Hold

Reduce costs associated wtih preservation and collection processes, and eliminate the risk of spoliation with NetGovern Legal Hold. Apply intelligent legal hold policies and automatically collect and update indexes. NetGovern Legal Hold can track data throughout the entire litigation lifecycle providing a complete audit trail and visibility into the review process.

Hotdocs Reduce Data Under Legal Hold
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