Preserve Your Data in a Real Legal Archive

With NetGovern's mailbox archiving capabilities ensuring 100% retention rate, content and metadata are captured, signed, stored in WORM and fully traced throughout the entire lifecycle for non-repudiation. This creates a permanent, easy-to-search repository of all your data, as well as an audit trail for rigorous, legally-defensible traceability. No size limitations, no back-door deletion. Preserve all email & files within:

Archive to an Open Format - No Vendor Lock In

NetGovern Archive is built using a vendor neutral, open XML file formatdesigned with long-term compatibility and data ownership in mind. You own your data. Re-injecting data into a live system or exporting it is as simple as archiving, whether on-premises or in the cloud, and will never involve egress fees or complex processes.

Easily Search All Archived Data

Users can easily and rapidly search their archives at the same time as their mailbox. Through Outlook, web, or mobile devices they can find sent and received emails, drafts, calendar items, notes, attachments, SMS, and deleted itemsor browse folders which are all captured in the archive. Adding NetGovern eDiscovery or Audit & Remediate enables expansive tools and workflows to quickly address information requests related to the Freedom of Information Act, eDiscovery, regulatory audits, internal investigations, and other requirements.

Success Stories

FOIA Requests

States, cities, counties - like Mohave County - and towns must answer FOIA requests cost-effectively and rapidly.





Retention Policy

Hospitals have strict requirements on retention, and must provide their employees with efficient tools.

NetGovern helps Yale New Haven Hospitals


Legal Defensibility

Organizations under subpoenas must deliver data to their legal teams and be confident they include everything.

NetGovern helps National Bank


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