Protect High-Value Data & Business Continuity

Protect high-value data and business continuity

Set alerts to be notified of any change in high-value targets and their associated access rights & permissions. Protect network-stored unstructured data and ensure its integrity by reverting to previous versions of precious content and its access rights to counter ransomware attacks, erase mistakes, or simply to gain visibility into data in its previous state.

Automate Onboarding & Offboarding

Reduce file system administration costs & facilitate Data Access Governance (DAG) with automated home folder and collaboration storage provisioning and de-provisioning. Through an Active Directory integration, easily and securely administer access rights and permissions to access file server data by merely changing a user from one group or role to another.

Active directory integration

Groom Unstructured Data to Minimize Risk

Groom Unstructured Data

Effectively enforce data retention and access policies with just a few clicks. Delete redundant, obsolete, & trivial data to minimize storage costs. Import a NetGovern Analyze report to easily move high-value targets like trade secrets or sensitive data (PII, PCI, PHI) to safe locations and protect your reputation.

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