Gain visibility into all your data locations

There isn’t a file type that NetGovern can’t crawl and index. We’ve developed an extensive list of data connectors and are always working on expanding it, so we’ll soon be able to extend that promise to repositories. With NetGovern, connect to all your data to preserve, search & audit it in-place, whether it’s located on SMB/CIFS, Exchange, Exchange Online, Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, File Shares, Egnyte, Box for Business, or Citrix ShareFile.

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Connect to Files and Messages for Archiving

By using NetGovern to connect to your organization’s communications and files for archival, you’ll be able to preserve and manage them from a single location. Automate and expand your retention and deletion policies with legal archiving and legal hold to cloud and on-premise data locations, including Microsoft Exchange, Teams and text messages.

A Single View of all ESI for eDiscovery

Reduce eDiscovery costs and complexity by connecting before collecting. With NetGovern, search all your information repositories through a single pane view to optimize the left-hand side of the EDRM. Find relevant ESI in-place, put it under legal hold, and collect only what you need. The next steps are up to you: handle the whole eDiscovery process internally at a fraction of the price, send only relevant data for outside counsel to review, or export to Relativity.

Find & Secure Sensitive Information Wherever It’s Hiding

Finally apply your information governance policies to all sensitive information - whether it’s PII, PCI, PHI, IP, or any other critical content - in all locations at once. Gain visibility, and remediate redundant, obsolete, or trivial data to reduce your attack surface. Identify sensitive data to relocate it in safe locations, set alerts, and monitor emerging vulnerabilities as they go.


Need to connect to another location?

We’re always making new connections. Let us know where you’d like to connect to here and your wish might come true faster than you think!