Save on eDiscovery

Perform all eDiscovery Efforts In-House and Avoid Hiring an External Firm

Your legal team can keep all eDiscovery efforts in-house, thereby saving hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars by not hiring an external firm. You will also make faster decisions regarding litigation or settlement.

Access Live Unstructured Data with In-Place eDiscovery

Identify and review relevant data before it is ever collected. With our Smart Collection methodology, your legal team can confidently reduce the amount of data to review, collect, and hold, thereby lowering expensive eDiscovery costs.

Eliminate Spoliation Risks with Intelligent Legal Holds

Prevent spoliation by applying intelligent & granular legal holds overriding usual retention and deletion policies for certain documents, email, or users with no impact on the rest of your data. NetGovern eDiscovery tracks data under legal hold throughout the entire litigation lifecycle, providing a complete audit trail and visibility into the review process & chain of custody.

Intuitive & Complete Search Capabilities for Legal Teams

Any legal or HR team needing to perform an investigation for litigation, internal matters, or FOIA,  can assign roles, perform intuitive searches, search within searches, create multiple cases, reduce data sets, review evidence, & collaborate from anywhere using NetGovern eDiscovery’s web portal. Search results can be tagged for later review, previewed, preserved directly from the interface, and exported to multiple formatssatisfying even the strictest legal requirements.

Success Stories

Public Records Requests

Cities like the City of St. Cloud, Minnesota, who typically receive public records requests, need to respond rapidly.

NetGovern helps City of St. Cloud, Minnesota


Regulation Compliance

Organizations, like the Seminole Electric Cooperative, must comply with regulations like the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), and more.

NetGovern helps Seminole Electric Cooperative


eDiscovery Requests

Companies with no specific email retention & deletion policies receiving eDiscovery requests, like the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, need to search through years of accumulated data.

NetGovern helps SNortheast Ohio Regional Sewer District



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