Reduce Storage-Related Costs

Find out who consumes the most storage, what it is & how it’s aging. Learn about storage growth trends to forecast future needs and get a clear view of storage overhead. Locate Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial (ROT) files for deletion, to minimize the time and resources needed to store and back up file server data, while reducing your attack surface.

Is storage cheap?

Track Access Rights & Permissions

NetGovern Analyze identifies access rights on high-value targets to allow for granular security measures, thereby protecting all data according to its value. Improve security by closely and rigorously tracking access rights and permissions by user, repository and who granted them.

Create a Remediation Plan with In-Depth Reports

NetGovern Analyze provides graphical and customizable reports which can be uploaded into NetGovern Enforce for simple remediation. Move or delete everything identified as ROT, sensitive, or highly valuable through this integration. Produce reports for Data Owners to take action through workload injection via Enforce, the data owner client, including:

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