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With connectivity to both cloud and on premise collaboration platforms and file systems, enhanced by smart audit, search, eDiscovery, and case management capabilities, NetGovern IG Solutions guarantee security and compliance for what is arguably your most valuable asset – information.

Can you afford the cost of eDiscovery?

If your organization is facing litigation, it's important to understand the real costs associated with litigation and eDiscovery. Did you know that collecting, reviewing, and sending out data represents 73% of the cost of eDiscovery?

NetGovern eDiscovery includes in-place smart collection tools that provide you with full visibility into your data prior to collection. Working directly in all of your on premise and enterprise clouds, you can perform searches, early case assessment, and computer-assisted reviews to collect only the minimum amount of data required in response to litigation. By reducing your data for collection, you'll quickly lower the cost of eDiscovery.

IG Solutions

Another day, another phishing attack?

Phishing Attack

Ransomware, malware, and phishing remain the top attack vectors for criminals, despite the arsenal of security measures deployed by your security team. But once malicious email has made its way into your organization, there aren’t many solutions to remediate and remove it from employee inboxes.

NetGovern Audit & Remediate allows you to identify and retract malicious email containing ransomware, malware, and phishing, or confidential email containing protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII) from employee inboxes. Once found, you can quarantine the email by removing it from mailboxes for review or return it if it is found to be legitimate.


Struggling with sensitive information management?

One of the key goals of any information governance program is to manage sensitive information. With GDPR, HIPAA, and dozens of other privacy regulations, organizations need to understand what data is stored, where, and who has access to it.

NetGovern Audit & Remediate allows you to build an inventory of your sensitive information with full search and review capabilities. You can create policies with specific search criteria to apply to sensitive data, receive regular reports, and automate actions for remediation.

IG Solutions

Is your archiving solution holding your data hostage?

IG Solutions

Does your organization have a requirement for long-term retention of data? If you do, then you know that keeping data in live systems is very expensive. Although there are many archiving solutions on the market, many of them do not capture all metadata, and seem to be designed to keep your data hostage.

Capable of returning information to its original source, NetGovern Archive was designed as a legal archiving solution. It captures all user metadata and stores it as open XML for long-term or temporary retention on premise or in the cloud. Reduce storage requirements further by removing attachments from live mail systems with NetGovern Detach (included with NetGovern Archive).

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