placeholder eDiscovery for FOIA Compliance & More

Index data through a single pane of glass

NetGovern indexes your unstructured data to allow for in-place searches of all repositories, on premises or in the cloud, through a single pane of glass. Live and archived data can be searched in one swoop to meet your required response time.

checkmarkMore than 600 file formats supported for document preview

checkmarkExport emails to PDF, PST, CSV, 7Zip, Location, and Load File

checkmarkExport files to their native formats, CSV, 7Zip, and Load File

checkmarkExport images to their native formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

Preview the documents from your search results whatever the file format is, tag relevant items, and collect only what you need. Various users may run different searches at the same time to quickly answer information requests for FOIA, litigation, investigations, or productivity.

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placeholder Data Retention & Deletion for NARA Compliance

Archive files and entire mailboxes to XML

Archive files and entire mailboxes to XML in WORM storage to ensure the lasting readability and immutability of permanent electronic records. Enforce granular policies on types of users or groups, to meet different requirements or complement Microsoft 365 levels of licensing.

Archived data can be deleted from live systems to maintain efficiency but remain available for every user to access from a web portal. A replica of every mailbox is created, and advanced search capabilities are supported to make this functionality easy to use, even for non-technical employees.


The disposal of temporary records at the end of their retention period leaves an audit trail ensuring defensible deletion.

No barrier for authorized users to export  information to other platforms

With NetGovern, your data is yours. Archiving to a non-proprietary format and no egress fees means there’s no barrier for authorized users to export information to other platforms.

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placeholder Classify and Take Action on Personal Information

Public organizations store and collect personal information to offer services. The best way to protect this data is to understand where it’s stored. NetGovern uses machine learning to locate personally identifiable and protected health information within your collaboration data.

Minimal false positive rates

Enforce policies by setting alerts and actions if sensitive data is found in the wrong locations. Take advantage of NetGovern’s minimal false positive rates to confidently automate remediation actions. Delete problematic data to reduce your attack surface.

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Connect to All Data Sources for Archiving, eDiscovery, & Auditing

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Information Governance Solution for Government Agencies