Improve & Automate Data Security

Know your high-value targets & where they are. Focus on them to efficiently, and cost-effectively, improve your data security stance.

How to Secure Data?

Almost everyone agrees on the fact that data is the new oil, and like any other valuable asset, it needs to be protected. Through phishing and social engineering, email has proven to be the #1 attack vector. As hackers work full time on engineering ever-changing ways to steal your data, it’s impossible to outsmart them from every angle. NetGovern can help you focus on what you can control: your data.



Classify Data to Reduce Your Attack Surface

Storage and security resources are wasted on Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial data (ROT), which add risk without creating any value. Yet, it represents as much as 40-70% of all data organization stores. With the NetGovern Analyze & Enforce combo, identify them on your file servers to defensibly dispose of them. Within what’s left, use NetGovern Audit & Remediate to identify confidential, business-critical, and regulated data (PII, PCI, PHI) and move it to secure locations.


Identify & Protect High-Value/Risk Targets

With NetGovern Analyze, identify high-value targets. With NetGovern Enforce, safeguard their data integrity and availability in case of a cyber-attack, file corruption, loss, or deletion. In addition to protecting high-value target files, NetGovern Enforce protects permissions on those files from being lost, destroyed, or altered by mistake. Using a multi-tier approach, both high-value files and associated permissions are archived as a secondary backup and can be quickly restored to what they previously were at any point in time.


Automate Data Access Governance

Once you know what to protect, it’s easy to streamline Data Access Governance (DAG). With NetGovern Analyze, pull reports of who has access to sensitive locations and high-value targets. Reports can be used as a starting point with data owners to establish which access rights & permissions are needed, and which aren’t necessary. Easily remediate superfluous privileges with NetGovern Enforce, and create policies to automatically revoke unauthorized access rights moving forward


Retract Malicious Email

With NetGovern Audit & Remediate's email retraction capabilities, take control of all sensitive, compromised or malicious data contained within employee email. Safely review the content of any email before or after retraction and easily reinject it into a live system if non-threatening. All of these actions leave a fully-auditable metadata trail.