Simplify Electronic Discovery

Finding ESI is easy for those who connect before they collect. Respond rapidly to discovery requests for internal matters, litigation, or FOIA.

How to Reduce the Complexity of Discovery?

The cost of eDiscovery is skyrocketing. As more and more storage locations need to be searched, increasing volumes of data also need to be reviewed. NetGovern empowers legal teams to comb through petabytes of information in days instead of months.



Provide Inside Counsel with Instant Access to ESI

Connect to all unstructured data locations and so they're continuously crawled with NetGovern eDiscovery. Maintaining up-to-date indexes enables inside counsels to quickly identify and review information even before collection. Early case assessment (ECA) is accelerated and productivity is drastically improved. 


Streamline Collaboration with Outside Counsel

The tasks related to the right-hand side of the EDRM can be delegated to outside counsel in 2 ways.

  • Case management rights can be assigned to members of the outside counsel so the whole eDiscovery process can be performed with NetGovern. This approach reduces risk.

  • Data collections can be exported to load files so the rest of the eDiscovery process can be performed with the tool your outside counsel is most familiar with, whether its Relativity, Ipro, Disco, Everlaw, Microsoft, or Exterro.


Search Data In-Place Wherever It Resides

Search all data locations in-place, whether they reside in the cloud or on-premises. Our growing list of file connectors allows instant access to email, files, and text messages stored in almost any location including: 

  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Egnyte
  • Box
  • Citrix ShareFile

Place Only What You Need On Litigation Hold

Apply intelligent legal hold against archived and live email or files identified as relevant to automatically preserve them. NetGovern eDiscovery helps to prevent spoliation and its consequences by ensuring that critical ESI is tamperproof and that its chain of custody is unbroken. 


Reduce Legal Costs

Using NetGovern reduces legal and enterprise search costs in a variety of ways:

  • The eDiscovery process can be kept in-house
  • Less data for outside counsel means smaller legal fees
  • Smaller legal holds reduce the storage expenditure
  • You won't require any technical resource to find data
  • Smaller risks of spoliation sanctions or losing a case
  • The whole eDiscovery process takes days instead of months