How to Reduce the Cost & Complexity of eDiscovery?


The cost of eDiscovery is skyrocketing. As more and more storage locations need to be searched, increasing volumes of data also need to be reviewed. That's where NetGovern shakes things up in eDiscovery. We empower legal teams to comb through all of their data in minutes instead of months, with a methodology called Smart Collection. The idea is to review & analyze data in-place, so only relevant ESI is collected.


Gain Instant Access to Active & Archival Data

Maintain up-to-date indexes of data within all your storage locations to allow searches to return results within seconds. With NetGovern, the 90-day limit of the federal rules of civil procedure to know your data gives plenty of time.


Gain a deep knowledge of your case’s ESI within days, not weeks

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Review Only What You Need Through a Single View

No need to search for where relevant data might be stored - and how to retrieve it - when you can search all locations through a single view.

Perform intuitive yet complex consolidated searches on:

  • File systems
  • Microsoft 365
  • Teams
  • ShareFile
  • Slack
  • Box
  • Egnyte
  • and more.

Reduce the Burden/Cost of eDiscovery by Keeping It In-House

Because NetGovern is so simple to use, non-technical employees can handle the eDiscovery process from beginning to end. In-house counsel and litigation support teams can quickly cull data, no coding skills needed.

As IT is no longer required, legal teams can keep investigations confidential.

Searching and reviewing in-place ensures that minimal data sets are to be collected and placed under litigation hold. Keeping discovery in-house, speeding up ECA, minimizing review time, data to collect, and storage requirements for legal holds all contribute to reducing costs.

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Prevent Spoliation with Litigation Hold

With NetGovern, there’s more than one way to stay in control of digital evidence. Place data under hold as you go, or enforce a dynamic hold to continuously capture all data corresponding to a set of criteria. Even preview which data would be impacted by a preservation criteria beforehand to make sure that it’s really what you want.

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Better Collaborate with Outside Counsel


In-house counsel who do need the extra help from external law firms can do so securely and efficiently with NetGovern’s role-based access and export to load file functionalities.

Assign Secure In-Place Access to Data


Assign case managers or reviewer roles resources needed on your team, including counsel at your external law firm. Assigning access eliminates the need to copy data for a third party which increases cybersecurity risks. Keep your data safe - behind the gates that were designed to protect it - without impacting efficiency.


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Export Data to Other eDiscovery Platforms


Data collections can be exported to load files so the right-hand side of the EDRM can be handled in other eDiscovery tools. Your outside counsel is accustomed to Ipro or Relativity? No problem. Also export to ZLtech, Access Data, Disco, and more.

Ipro      Relativity

Improve the Quality of Enterprise Data with Information Governance

Enforce your Information Governance policies with NetGovern to minimize the volume of ESI to search. Detect and remediate redundant, obsolete, and trivial data in file shares with the NetGovern Analyze and NetGovern Enforce combo.

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Ensure the defensible deletion of archived email and files at the end of their lifecycle with NetGovern Archive. Search through only relevant information by keeping your house clean.

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Learn about Smart Collection with our eDiscovery Guide

Instead of adhering to the EDRM model for eDiscovery, the NetGovern framework – called Smart Collection - moves on a slightly different path, essentially swapping a few of the stages. Learn more about this time, cost, and resources saving method in our guide.