Keep Supervisory Review In House Keep Supervisory Review In-House

Satisfy FINRA Rule 3110 requirements by performing random samplings of all brokers’ communications. Supervision processes with NetGovern, while using state of the art technology streamlining compliance with FINRA Rule 3120, don’t require the use of any technical skills and are made so simple that they can be performed in-house, at a fraction of the price of outsourcing them. Sample data with lexicon-based screening, automatically record evidence of supervision, and delegate review tasks to your team.

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Readily Available Audit Reports

The audit trail serves to produce reports proving compliance to auditors or regulatory authorities. These reports show, for a chosen date range, how many items were reviewed, tagged and by which user, as proof that you are diligently supervising brokers.

Role-Based Audit Management

Every member of a compliance team has a role to play to ensure compliance. In a typical NetGovern workflow, Senior Compliance Officers sample a portion of communications, Compliance Officers review the results, and a report is produced for the officer in charge to validate.

Retain Critical Records Retain Critical Records in a Tamperproof Archive

Swiftly preserve various record types with different lifecycles in an open-format, tamperproof archive to comply with FINRA Rule 4511, and other retention requirements such as SOX 802. NetGovern Archive satisfies the requirements set forth by SEA 17a-4 and can preserve entire mailboxes (including email, attachments, calendar items, metadata, drafts, notes, and metadata), but also text messages, files, and Teams content.

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Enforce Granular Policies

NetGovern Archive automatically & granularly enforces data preservation policies on users, groups of users, types of files, or tags to ensure that all different retention requirements can be met without interference.

Defensibly Delete Data

At the end of a record’s retention period, defensibly delete it to avoid carrying unnecessary risk. It leaves an audit trail, which proves that the information was kept for as long as necessary and properly purged.

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