Streamline HIPAA Compliance Streamline HIPAA Compliance with AI

As increasing amounts of healthcare data are created, shared, received, used, modified, accessed, stored, archived, deleted and every day, flowing from a system to another in the cloud or on-premises, how does one keep track of old & new ePHI ? Prevent healthcare privacy breaches with NetGovern Audit & Remediate. Scan all unstructured data with an AI model for PHI. Automatically quarantine, move or delete identified issues. Continuously monitor all systems for real-time remediation

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Improve Data-Centric Security Improve Data-Centric Security

HIPAA-covered entities can also maximize ePHI security and protect all sensitive information by ensuring that security resources are effectively applied. Information Governance (IG) principles help in reducing the size organizations' attack surface and locating their most valuable assets.


Reduce the Attack Surface

Locate and delete redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data. ROT represents 40-70% of all organizations’ data, may be sensitive, but don’t bring any value. Deleting it helps security teams to focus budgetary & personnel resources on more important data while alleviating post-breach assessment procedures.

Protect High-Risk Targets

Locate High-Value/High-Risk locations and files to apply an extra protection layer to what really matters. Analyze access rights & permissions to these files & items to apply the principle of least privilege. Revert to previous versions of high-value items in case of corruption caused malware, ransomware, or simple negligence.

Mitigate the Impact of Data Breaches

Data leaks can’t always be avoided, but effective breach assessment and prompt disclosure can mitigate the severity of regulatory sanctions and minimize litigation risks. With NetGovern's forensic capabilities, quickly gain visibility into the content of all breached locations. Assess the severity of leaks in hours, not weeks. Know with certainty which custodians were affected to eliminate the need for over-disclosure, thus minimizing litigation risks. Leave a full audit trail to ensure that diligence can be proven to OCR and other regulatory authorities by producing reports for their review.

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