Legal Archiving for MSFT Teams

Capture Teams conversations, channels, and files with NetGovern Archive. Our solution is an open system preserving business records to XML, and ensuring that your data truly stays yours. 

By automating deletion and retention schedules with granular rules, NetGovern Archive facilitates compliance for organizations subjected to a plethora of different recordkeeping requirements. The complexity of complying with NARA, FINRA, or SEC rules (like 17a-4) is minimized.

WORM storage and a full audit trail help with risk management by ensuring that all corporate archives are tamper-proof and timestamped.

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Perform eDiscovery on Archived & Live Data

Find relevant data faster than ever. By incrementally indexing all live data, NetGovern ensures that information is always ready for retrieval.

All ESI can be searched through a single pane of glass, whether it’s located on premises or in the cloud in: 

  • Teams
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Exchange
  • and more

Review is performed before collection, minimizing review efforts, collection size, and data sets to put under legal holds.

The time necessary to find and produce information for FOIA requests, subpoenas, to build a legal defense - or simply to find that document you were looking for - is drastically reduced.

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Audit Teams for Security and Compliance

Streamline compliance with privacy laws including CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA.

Locate all sensitive data within Teams content by performing compliance audits or by letting or AI models for PCI, PHI, and PII work for you.

Remediate compliance issues by quarantining data for further review, moving it to a secure location, or deleting it. These actions can be performed manually, or automated.

Get alerted of any arising compliance or security risk. Set routine actionable email notifications listing all new sensitive items stored anywhere on your network.

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