Perform In-Place eDiscovery on Slack

Quickly satisfy information requests for FOIA, subpoenas, or to build your legal defense.

Search all your data – including Slack’s – through a single pane of glass. Identify ESI, review it, and put it under legal hold before collection. You’ll minimize review time, eDiscovery costs, the size of legal holds, and won’t miss any relevant data.

eDiscovery can be performed entirely with NetGovern eDiscovery, or finished with your favorite right-hand side tool by importing collections.

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Compliant Slack Data Retention

Slack channels and conversations can contain important business records. NetGovern connects to Slack so all of its complex content can be archived to satisfy the recordkeeping requirements that your organization needs to comply with.

Risks related to NARA, SEC, and FINRA compliance are minimized by NetGovern Archive's incremental capture of all Slack data for archival in XML format to WORM storage.

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Your Information Governance Solution for Slack