Take advantage of resources built to help healthcare entities, financial institutions, and government agencies in the United States minimize risks, manage records, and maximize compliance.

Sensitive Data Management & Retention Policy Templates, Guidelines, & Best Practices

Writing comprehensive policies that everyone can understand and staying on top ever-changing regulations is challenging, to say the least. This is why NetGovern and the ePolicy Institute have partnered up to create practical information governance resources for heavily regulated organizations starting with the financial, governmental, and healthcare industries.


Minimize risk related to privacy laws like CCPA & GDPR, and financial industry regulations including GLBA & SOX.


Define sensitive data like protected health information (PHI), and update your HIPAA compliance plan.


Enhance your ability to deliver information per sunshine laws and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

For each of these industries, we have developed:

checkmarkA record retention policy template

checkmarkA sensitive information policy template

checkmarkA set of record retention guidelines

checkmarkBest practices for the effective and compliant preservation, protection, & production of business records

ePolicy sample templates

These best practices-based policies, whitepapers, and guidelines are designed to help employers develop and implement effective, compliant electronic policies and procedures. You are welcome to use and adapt the sample policy templates to meet the individual needs of your own organization.

We Didn’t Develop Resources for Your Industry Yet?


Let us know what we should add to our library next. We can’t guarantee that will produce policy templates, guidelines, and best practices for every industry, but we would definitely like to expand this offer according to popular demand.