End-to-End Information Governance Suite

With a clear strategy and the right tools, gain control of your unstructured data to reduce risks and costs while streamlining compliance.

NetGovern Audit & Remediate

Quickly and easily identify, review and remediate risky or sensitive information (e.g. PII, PHI and PCI). Uncover these vulnerabilities in real-time with automated alerts. Perform random sampling for FINRA to mitigate liability and reduce exposure.

  • Crawl all file types
  • Comply with privacy regulations
  • Retract phishing attacks from all affected mailboxes
  • Perform scheduled random sampling
  • Receive and act on alerts
  • Gain traceability

NetGovern Archive

Unify your legacy archiving systems with a single, intelligent, secure and compliant one. Index and stamp all content for immutability and tamper-proofing. Create a permanent, easy-to-search repository of all data and generate audit trails for legally defensible traceability.

  • Flexible and customizable policies
  • Granular role-based access
  • 100% data retention
  • No vendor lock-in; You own your data
  • Rapid searchability
  • On-prem and/or cloud-based data

NetGovern eDiscovery

Simplify, accelerate, and bring eDiscovery in-house, thereby saving hundreds of thousands or millions in costs. Make faster and earlier decisions regarding litigation and settlement and perform role-based and collaborative case management within and across departments.

  • Discover all ESI relevant to your case.
  • Perform early case assessment by searching in real-time, all in one place.
  • Grant secure access to external authorized reviewers.
  • Collect only what you need from your different data repositories (on-prem, cloud, or hybrid).
  • Apply Legal Hold to fulfill preservation requirements.
  • Maintain a seamless chain of custody throughout the entire process.

NetGovern Analyze

Inventory all files and associated permissions in your repositories through a single lens without using a myriad of unmanaged manual scripts. Examine terabytes of data quickly to shrink the surface of attack when later remediating data.

  • Generate a heat map to identify data vulnerabilities, data redundancies, and data access issues
  • Improve security by closely and rigorously tracking access rights and permissions by user, repository and who granted them
  • Create a remediation plan with in-depth reporting
  • Generate graphical and customizable reports for simple remediation

NetGovern Enforce

Following your comprehensive data analysis, define and enforce identity-based storage policies based on your findings. Purge unnecessary ROT (Redundant, Outdated & Trivial data) to reduce your storage footprint. Detect unauthorized access issues and take immediate corrective action.

  • Automatically provision and de-provision access rights (staffing changes, departures, etc.)
  • Vault and purge orphaned data after its required retention period
  • Remediate non-compliant data
  • Configure alerts to automatically monitor non-compliant rights assignments
  • Create snapshot of high-value content at regular intervals to restore it within minutes if necessary
  • Mitigate compliance and litigation risks by defensibly deleting data retained beyond the prescribed retention schedule

NetGovern File and Email Connectors

Gain visibility across all your data sources (cloud, on-premise & hybrid) and take full inventory of what you have. Find the data you need quickly. Search, audit, archive, and remediate your unstructured data (e.g. emails, files, etc.) through a centralized view.

  • Crawl file and collaboration systems: SMB/CIFS, Box, Sharefile, Egnyte, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and more
  • Connect to email systems: Exchange, Exchange Online, Office 365 

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