IG solutions

Connect, search, collect, and control petabytes of unstructured data

Govern data stored in your file sharing, instant messaging, email and collaboration platforms, whether on-premise, on-cloud or across hybrid systems. Solve eDiscovery, data security, data compliance, and data retention with a single solution.

Can you afford the cost of eDiscovery?

Did you know that collecting, reviewing, and sending out data represents 73% of the cost of eDiscovery? Reduce those costs by:


Another day, another phishing attack?

Between 40 and 70% of enterprise data has no business value, outlived every retention requirement, and may be putting you at risk. Protect your data by:


  • Reducing your attack surface. 

  • Locating PII, PHI, PCI, IP, and confidential files to ensure they're safely stored.

  • Enforcing access rights and permission policies.

  • Retracting malicious email making it to employee inboxes.

Struggling with sensitive data & compliance?

Many organizations aren't confident in their ability to find & secure what's required to comply with GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SEC Regulations, or FINRA Rules. Simplify compliance by:


  • Creating data inventories.

  • Auto-classifying data.

  • Enforcing sensitive data policies.

  • Keeping track of all actions taken against data.

Is your data held hostage?

Many long-term data preservation requirements and many years of data stored often means out of control data sprawl. Data should be serving your organization, not the other way around. Reduce the complexity of retention by:


  • Archiving to an open format.
  • Choosing mailbox archiving to yield a 100% retention.
  • Automating the lifecycle of information.
  • Enforcing granular retention and deletion policies.

Get Results, Fast

NetGovern, our end-to-end solution addressing all data-related concerns, can be deployed either on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution. The platform can be up and running with complete information archiving and governance capabilities in as little as a week and improve your IG posture within 30 days.