NetGovern Data Audit Guide 

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Performing a data audit? It's not an easy task! To help you streamline your organization's information governance practices, we've developed a simple, reliable Data Audit Guide.  Download it, follow our five clear steps to data auditing, and fill-in the worksheets to ease the mapping & classification of your data.

Data Audit Guide

Our Data Audit Guide includes: 

  • Data Types Definitions & Checklist
  • Data Mapping Table
  • Typical Data Classifications
  • Reporting Chart
  • Recommendations Report Template


“ ...dark data can be seen as the operational data that is left unanalyzed or underused, and often lost altogether. ” 

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NetGovern simplifies and accelerates Infomation Governance compliance. Our advanced and flexible IG toolset allows you to consolidate access to petabytes of unstructured data. NetGovern's easy-to-use IG tools provide powerful Compliance, eDiscovery, Privacy, & Data Remediation capabilities. Hundreds of clients and partners trust us to preserve, secure and extract insight from what is arguably their most valuable asset – Information. Put NetGovern to work solving your IG challenges.

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