Using Third-Party Solutions with O365

Office 365 provides substantial communication and collaboration capabilities, but it has limitations when it comes to offering ample security and compliance protections.

Read this white paper by analyst firm Osterman Research to learn about:

  • Office 365's insufficient security and compliance capabilities
  • Your vulnerabilities to data breaches, business email compromise, GDPR fines, ransomware infections, and phishing attacks
  • What supplemental needs you will require from 3rd party solutions This paper also provides results from an in-depth survey of organizations using Office 365.
Research uncovers its Security and Compliance Limitations

"Decision makers need to be aware that relying exclusively on the native (security and compliance) capabilities in Office 365 can present challenges and business risks for their organization. "

- Osterman Research

"The use of 3rd-party solutions can result in higher catch rates for spam, phishing, malware, etc." 

- Osterman Research

“Office 365’s ZAP feature only partially addresses the requirement for removing malicious messages.”

-Osterman Research