NetGovern solves DATA Retention

The Complexity of Data Retention

Data Retention is essential for compliance (FINRA Rule 3110.09, SEC Rule 17a-4, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, NARA, 5015.2-STD), business continuity, productivity, and litigation. Multiple requirements and record types mean many different retention & deletion schedules, making it difficult to keep track of what needs to deleted, or kept, and for how long. Keeping all the information required in live systems often fails to map to compliance or legal requirements, and can bloat storage and skyrocket its cost.

Legally Defensible Archiving

A real legal archive with legal hold capabilities can ease if not eliminate the challenges associated with data retention. NetGovern Archive ensures long-term retention, data integrity, data security, and traceability. Advanced reporting tools help maintain a complete and accurate audit trail to certify defensibility of timely data deletion.

100% Data Retention

Mailbox archiving, our preferred archiving method, yields a 100% retention. All mailbox items are captured including sent and received emails, drafts, calendar items, notes, folder structure, attachments, and deleted items. Even metadata is preserved as information like who received, sent, forwarded, deleted or read an email can be decisive during investigations.

Flexible Retention Policies

Since retention requirements vary, policies can be granularly enforced on groups or individual users. They can also target types of information and enforced with information classification by creating retention folders in employees’ mailboxes. Existing data retention policies can be amended or new ones created as business needs change, all the while ensuring 100% retention.


Reduce Storage Overhead

Archived email metadata, like the creation or last access date, enables automated information lifecycle management. Items older than their required retention period can be deleted and less accessed data can be moved to cheaper storage disks. Inactive users can be archived, eliminating the need to pay for email licenses to retain their mailboxes. Storage requirements can further be reduced by enabling NetGovern Detach, included with the archive, for single instance storage of email attachments.

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