NetGovern solves DATA Retention

100% Data Retention

With NetGovern, you can control your organization's email policies by letting you amend existing archiving and data retention policies or create new ones as your business needs change, all the while ensuring 100% retention by generating a fully-indexed, vendor-neutral, application, and file-format independent archive of all electronic data for immediate search and retrieval. With NetGovern, you can guarantee the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your data while ensuring that your information meets the most strict compliance requirements and remains tamper-proof.

Legal Archiving

Data visibility, data integrity

A real legal archiving solution with information management and Legal Hold capabilities can ease if not eliminate the challenges associated with data retention. Complete mailbox archiving and signed data ensure information is available and untampered with. With NetGovern Archive, role-based access management provides data visibility only to users with appropriate access rights. Advanced reporting tools helps you maintain a complete and accurate audit trail to certify defensibility of timely data deletion.

Mailbox Archiving

Mailbox archiving yields a 100% retention. All items in a mailbox are captured, including sent and received email, drafts, calendar items, notes, folder structure, attachments and even deleted items, with their metadata. Such information, like who received, sent, forwarded, deleted or read an email provides the keys to understanding what happened. Capturing the mailbox folders and hierarchy allow for the reinjection of items in a mailbox and the reinjection of a mailbox in a new email server.

Email, calendars, notes, folder, attachments

Flexible Retention

Thirty day, Sixty day, Ninety day retention

With NetGovern Archive, archived items are identified with a hash value so authenticity is verifiable. Since retention requirements vary for different individuals within your organization, retention periods can be granularly enforced on groups or individual users. It can also vary based on the type of information and enforced with information classification by creating retention folders in employee mailboxes. All archived items are kept secure, with full visibility on archive actions, including view and export. For example, audit reports can be created to see what data has been viewed and by who.

Legal Holds & Data Management

With NetGovern, legal holds are performed by the legal team through NetGovern eDiscovery, by overriding regular deletion policies, thus preventing data spoliation and reducing IT overhead. To further reduce costs, inactive users can be archived and all of their content searched in NetGovern. This eliminates the need to pay for email licenses to retain their mailboxes. Also, archived email metadata, like the creation date or access information, provide the mean for defensible information lifecycle management. Items older than their required retention period can be deleted and less accessed data can be moved to cheaper storage disks.

Stay in place legal hold

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