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How to Secure Your Data

Almost everyone agrees on the fact that data is the new oil, and like any other valuable asset, it needs to be protected from hackers and that means data security. In the case of data, email has proven to be the #1 attack vector. Hackers work full time on engineering ever-changing and persuasive phishing attacks and viruses that are increasingly-skilled at playing hide and seek. The pattern of attacks is constantly evolving in an attempt to beat an organization’s security systems to the finish line.

Security for Email at Rest and in Transit

NetGovern addresses email data loss prevention and encryption by monitoring communications between sender and recipients, informing users of policy violations, and detecting restricted content through the use of pre-configured content filters for sensitive information like PII, PCI, and PHI across the US, Canada, and Europe. You can choose to filter both inbound and outbound content with the same queries as well as encrypt and moderate outbound email.

Email at Rest

Email Remediation 

 Email Retraction

If a phishing email is detected in a mailbox, chances are it was received in other mailboxes as well. With NetGovern Audit & Remediate, all phishing attacks can be stopped simultaneously once a phishing email has been identified in a process called zero-day remediation. Safely review the contents of any email before retraction as well as any previously-retracted email. You can even re-inject email back into a mailbox if it was retracted by mistake. All of these actions leave a metadata trail that is fully auditable.

Data Loss Protection

Take action on email in transit with advanced content filters that give you the ability to enforce email usage policies. NetGovern Secure's DLP & Content Filtering is based on the same criteria as a data audit search to facilitate email compliance with regulatory requirements. In case of a policy breach, advanced email dispositions are available such as secure route, moderation, automated response, redirection, and BCC. As an additional safety measure to enforce policies and remain compliant, NetGovern can audit documents and email repositories for confidential information like PII, PCI, and PHI.

 Data Loss Protection

Protect High-Value Target Files

Add another layer of protection to safeguard data integrity and availability in case of a cyber-attack, file corruption, loss, or deletion

Automates data protection tasks for business continuity by adding another layer of protection to safeguard data integrity and availability in case of a cyber-attack, file corruption, loss, or deletion. In addition to protecting high-value target files, NetGovern Enforce protects permissions on those files from being lost, destroyed, or altered by mistake. Using a multi-tier approach, both high-value files and associated permissions are archived as a secondary backup and can be quickly restored to what they previously were at any point in time.

Email Encryption

Since sensitive information sometimes has to be sent by email, it needs a complete enterprise-grade email encryption solution in order to transmit safely. NetGovern Encrypt renders a transparent encrypted transfer between encryption clients with a secure tier automated certificate exchange mechanism and S/Mime solution with signature harvesting. Recipients who can’t be found in the encryption directory simply receive an email alert with a private link to a key-based portal where they can view and reply to messages, which is especially useful in the case of one-to-many transactions like retail banking or patient communications.

 Email Encryption

Multi-layer email threat control and spam filtering

 Email Threat Control

In an ever-changing threat landscape, email threat control and spam filtering solutions need automatic updates. NetGovern Secure's DLP & Content Filtering with AS/AV filters threats and spam with best of breed IP lists to instantly spot and block email from ill-reputed domains. Multiple AI-based engines scan content to detect elements usually present in undesirable email. It also includes advanced URL filtering to neutralize phishing attempts and adaptive behavioral filtering to block malicious activities.

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