Fasttrack Early Case Assessment

NetGovern incrementally indexes active data so ESI can always be found within seconds. All storage locations can be searched at once, ensuring that no relevant evidence is left behind.

Intuitive search options enable legal counsel to quickly cull data.

This process - called Smart Collection - moves the review phase of the EDRM before collection, which changes the eDiscovery dynamic. Data collections are smaller and composed entirely of relevant information.

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Available Locations for In-Place Early Data Assessment

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Stay in Control by Minimizing Security & Spoliation Risks

Maximize the security of sensitive, confidential, classified, or business-critical information. Searching data in-place lowers risks as it eliminates the need to copy extraneous - and potentially sensitive - data to other mediums for review.

Place ESI under litigation hold as you go to gain control over evidence earlier in the process, or automatically preserve all data corresponding to a set of criteria before review.

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Improve Your Information Governance Program

Enable your legal team to only work with relevant information. NetGovern helps managing unstructured data from any source from a single pane of glass.

Wherever it’s located, redundant, obsolete, and trivial data can be identified and deleted.

Benefit from the IproTech & NetGovern eDiscovery Synergy

Once you have collected the data you need - for your internal investigation, compliance risk assessment, intellectual property review, public record request, or subpoena - just import the NetGovern load file to your Ipro tool to bring the process all the way to presentation.


5x faster processing. Up to 95% data culling rates. 


With the load file, take advantage of Ipro’s best-in-class processing abilities. Process thousands of file types to meet litigation deadlines. 


Ipro’s modern, intuitive review interface makes it easy to view and tag relevant case documents and provides single-click access to document batches, ensuring your team avoids reviewer document collision.

Your eDiscovery Solution


With NetGovern's Smart Collection and Ipro’s effective eDiscovery workflow, finish your journey to the end of the EDRM, all the way to trial presentation.

NetGovern eDiscovery