IG Solutions for Microsoft Platforms

Speed up eDiscovery, gain visibility into sensitive data, and improve data security by putting the A-team at work.

  • Connect to all of your data locations in the cloud or on premise in seconds
  • Conduct eDiscovery searches in Microsoft Exchange Online, O365, One Drive, and SharePoint Online and On Premise
  • Search files and email, and maintain an up-to-date index of information before any data is colllected
  • Reduce data for collection, increase the speed of production, and lower pricey eDiscovery fees with easy-to-use smart collection tools

Gain Visibility into Sensitive Data

  • Audit for PHI, PII, or confidential information by connecting to any on premise or cloud repositories and act upon sensitive information
  • Connect to all repositories, search for content and then review it from a single pane of glass
  • Monitor for compliance via dashboards and receive alerts on policy infringements
  • Use supervisory review capabilities to sample and capture all communications so they can be examined by internal or external reviewers and classified

Improve Data Security

  • Stop phishing attacks immediately by reviewing the content, retract or undo if it was retracted by mistake
  • Conduct investigations and monitor user behavior violations of security policy, and attempts to compromise data
  • Safely review content before or after retraction and re-inject back into mailbox if it was retracted by  mistake
  • Monitor and audit the metadata trail

Maximize O365 and Azure


  • Identify sensitive or confidential information and unblock the logjam for cloud migrations to SharePoint Online or OneDrive
  • Prepare data for Azure Information Protection policies
  • Leverage Azure to satisfy Information Governance and scale as needs grow

Quick deployment from the Azure Marketplace

NetGovern and its multitenant version are now more accessible than ever and deployable with just a few clicks of a mouse from the Azure marketplace. Tasks that would have taken hours to accomplish for an IT team can be completed automatically in less than five minutes.


Using Third-Party Solutions with Office 365

Read this Osterman Research white paper to better understand the problems organizations face in managing Office 365, and the additional features they wish they had. You'll get insights on:

  • Security
  • Content Management
  • eDiscovery
  • & much more