Reduce Cost & Accelerate eDiscovery

Complement Relativity with NetGovern eDiscovery's Smart Collection to streamline your eDiscovery process. Connect to all your data sources wherever they sit, on-premises or in the cloud. Gain visibility within seconds into the composition of your data before any is ever collected.


Smart Collection - Connect Before You Collect

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Advanced In-Place Search


NetGovern lets you perform in-place legal searches for relevant content in any cloud or on-premise locations to ensure regulatory or governmental compliance, or in response to litigation.


With the tool’s advanced filtering capabilities, perform interactive searches, search within searches, create multiple cases, and reduce data sets. Through a single pane of glass, review, preview files, and collaborate.

Collect Only Relevant ESI


NetGovern maintains an up-to-date index of all your unstructured data, empowering you to identify what you need in seconds.


Enable your in-house legal counsel to minimize response time by providing immediate access to ESI. Fast-track pre-collection and import only relevant data to Relativity for outside counsel to review.

Reduce Data Under Legal Hold

Reduce costs associated with preservation and collection processes, and eliminate the risk of spoliation.


Apply litigation hold as you go, or enforce criteria-based retention policies exclusively to data identified as relevant. Ensure the authenticity, immutability, and defensibility of the minimized data set. 

Your eDiscovery Solution


With NetGovern's Smart Collection and Relativity’s effective eDiscovery workflow, optimize your end-to-end eDiscovery process.

NetGovern eDiscovery



Learn more about Smart Collection on our Blog. Read EDRM on its head - Why collect what you don't need? to know everything about our unique methodology.



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