Our Journey from Agile Development to Adaptive IG | Webinar

Should the shoemaker's children have to go barefoot? In this case study presented at the 2020 edition of the MER Conference, we explore our own journey to information governance.


Why is it that most technology developers are like the proverbial shoemaker’s children – yearning for proper shoes, while their skilled father is too busy to make them? In early 2018 NetGovern pivoted from being an Email Archiving solution to a full IG Platform. At that point, we decided that we needed to become much better at practicing what we preached. With our customer field experience as baggage, we began an eye-opening journey, culminating with a fairly unique deployment of our own software, while simultaneously training our entire company on the fundamental principles of IG.


In this session we openly shared the pitfalls, turnabouts, policy twists, frustrations, deep learning and ultimately, the joy of becoming a more mature practitioner and provider of what we call Adaptive IG.